Tahitian Costumes

Supplies for sale!

Approx $110-$150,
60 days order time.

Bow Spray Peacock Bora Bora
These three head pieces are priced anywhere between $120 - $150.

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      Ideas you can make!

"Square Feather up down"
"Square Purple Cowry"
7 square Mother of Pearl
"Moon Shell"
7 circle Mother of Pearl


IDEAS   ideas   IDEAS   ideas   IDEAS

      More ideas you can make!

SORRY for the inconvenience- but presently still out of SKIRT TASSELS.
SUB suggestion by ordering a short skirt, which you are able to make approximately 6-8 skirt tassels.

red/yellow yellow/white

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Short Fringe Cap Fringe X-Fancy Otea Headdress Feather X-Fancy Otea Headdress
Short Chiefess Cap Bora Bora - front Bora Bora - side

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